Sunday, December 10, 2023

 Next Release of AutoCAD® API

In this link,, the author said that AutoCAD® 2024 + 1 will be planning to support NET Core technology.

It is very likely that the final release of next AutoCAD® is targeted to support NET 8.0.

After 4 versions continuously support .NET Framework 4.8 (AutoCAD® 2021 to 2024), third-party developers will have to re-compiled the code.

From users side, there will not be any "quick" solution to make use of old App by editing the PackageContents.xml file.

Release number of AutoCAD® 2024 is R24.3, so the next release number (of AutoCAD® 2025?) may be R25.0, I guess.

 Next Release of AutoCAD® API In this link, , t...